Base Materials presents the work of a group of ten adults undertaking great change in their lives. They met weekly with Emilie- as part of a project she conceived- to talk, think, draw and make pots, culminating in a feast to mark Beltane, the ancient festival celebrating fire and transformation. The cups, bowls and vases were fired for twelve hours- a group process- in a kiln built on the Manor Housing Estate. The pots from this firing are presented here alongside preliminary drawings with sound recordings of the process and the firing by Frances Byrnes and photographic documentation of the process and celebratory feast by Karina Lax. The metamorphosis of clay - through the firing process - into strong cups, bowls and vases provides a metaphor to describe their personal experience of change and recovery. It also demonstrates how the communal process of crafting and creating can add value to the experience of contemporary urban life.